East: Summer Campaign


At the Summer Campaign 16 Jahre n.d.E, Ambassador Dagger attempted once more to deliver his apology to the offended parties of both the West and Eastern Seals.  At first, the Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle accompanied him to meet with the Voice of the West where the three discussed the transgression.  It was the Voice’s wish that Dagger includes a knight of the East when he went to the offended party of the East.

After delivering his apology in the West, Dagger entered the Eastern camp searching for the offended party.  When the party was not found, the ambassador spoke with a member of the Eastern Court who happened to be the Neches'Re, Zyghmundt von Steinkreuzwas of the East though Dagger did not know that at that time.  The offense and intent to apologize was explained and on the final day of the campaign Dagger made his way back to the Eastern War Camp and delivered his apology on bended knee before the offended and the Naschesre’.  

With great luck, the apology was accepted and the Neches'Re content with the actions taken.  It is the hope of the Embassy that relations may continue to improve in the future with the East.  The Ambassador claims to have learned from his past misdeeds and for the sake of Blackwood and the Realms' overseas interests, let us hope that that is true.

In one’s blighted vision

Animal leanings had arisen

My condolences for the offended...

Vulgar were the words recalled

Every proper woman was appalled

Rancid humor did her honor forsake

Yet blind to one was one’s mistake

Starlight in a lasting night

Orator writes of the plight

Recall, if you will

Rampant were your words of swill

Your actions must be apprehended...

In a morning's realization

Keen to the allegation

Noted were the remarks last spoken

Exhaled were the tones outspoken

Engaging were one's intended thoughts

Ludicrous and harmful were comments wrought

Humbled by one's foul tongue

Unflinching is the apology sung

May these mistakes be remembered

Blighted is one's pride dismembered

Ladies of the Eastern (and Western) Seal

Elements before you I kneel

Declaring these wrongs comprehended...

Hidden Apology:  "I am very sorry. I kneel Humbled."

Meisterin Müriel was also met with on several occasions but nothing formal was discussed. A small and private party was organized for the Terra Tunnel Construction leads and Müriel was in attendance though the leader of the overall project and the Malakre' were not able to attend.