Die Sandrosenstrasse / The Great Road


Margrave Balor the Red of Zweiwasser's road commision is complete!

While the road is not yet officially named, after over nine months of steady work, the Realm of Roses extension of the Sandrosenstrasse or Sandrosen Road is complete.  The road runs from the Fiefdom of Schönweiler, along the Blauer Strom river then cuts westward over the Rosen Plateau until it connects to the Western Seal at the Westrosen Pass. 

The Margrave Balor of Zweiwasser commissioned the road's construction at the end of the previous year.  Ambassador Dagger had been invited to treat with the then Baron, now Margrave, to discuss Balor’s desire to have Dagger take over the road contract.  Dagger brought with him his assistant Raelene Skie of Sapphire Isle and together a plan was set.  The road would be constructed and the ambassador would lead the construction, under the guidance of Balor, until its completion.  With one setback occurring about a month before the Summer Campaign, the road was finally completed in the early fall as it can be seen here on the current Mythodean Map.

Ambassador Dagger and Raelene Skie worked tirelessly to organize and plan the construction of the road. In doing so, the Embassy hired merchants and tradesmen mostly out of the Schönweiler region forming the East Blackwood Company.  The formation of the company was made official during that spring festival known as the Convent of the Elements.