Passing of Targret of Dragon Rose


Passing of Targret Arkenstone of Dragon Rose

OT Note:  The player, Garrett Heinstrom passed away January 2023.  He was a loving husband and a wonderful brother and uncle.

Targret Arkenstone joined his ancestors after passing away of apparent natural causes. 

Targret first voyaged to the lands known as the Realms over 30 years ago.  He came with fantastical stories of his homeland and prior life before his arrival. He was a skilled archer winning the combat archery tournament in the first Queen of Hearts tournament hosted by Rhiassa.  What he was most known for was his shop, Dragon Rose where he crafted and sold his wears throughout the Realms and beyond for decades.

Targret worked leather and steel and he was a sculptor sculpting tools and statutes out of bone, stone and antler.  Targret's scented-leather roses were always a famed gift at any gathering.  Due to Targret's constant merchanting in the various lands, he was never without a story of his journeys and experiences.  Loyal customers would commonly ask after the next possible visit of Targret and Dragon Rose even years after he had moved on to larger festivals.

Part of Targret's family followed him to the Realms years after his initial arrival and have shared varying amounts of success to include merchanting.  Targret and Dragon Rose served as the primary inspiration behind the founding of his nephew's  East Blackwood Company some two and a half decades after his initial arrival in the Realms.

Targret is survived by his Wife and eternal Love, his Lady Jane; also, his sister Lady Tree, his niece, his nephew Sir Dagger of Blackwood,  Leader of the East Blackwood Company, and the many friends he has made along the way.  He will be sorely missed by those who knew and loved him. 

Hail the traveler.