The North:  Kettles and Protector Glabius


The Kettles

Contact was opened with the Kettles during the 1016 Convent of the Elements and Summer Campaigns respectively.  However, this contact was purely a business projection.  Further contact with the Kettles will be attempted in the near future to further relations with the family. 

Protector Glabius

After House Xarann left the Protectorate of Gales Morgan, Protector Glabius of the Reichsarmee assumed control of the territory transferring it over to the Northern Reich as "Reichsgebiet."  Dagger offered his services within the forests and mountains of the region as a guide for the Reichsarmee.  During the few months he worked there, Dagger did not receive the promised payment from Glabius and therefore took his leave of the contract altogether.