Passing of Ronja Damotil


Passing of Ronja Damotil,

Former Chancellor of Knowledge of the Märkischer Bund

War brings with it the casualties of soldiers, mercenaries, and civilians alike. In war, death is unavoidable. In war loss is imminent. Some call it the ultimate sacrifice. Some even wish for a glorious death at the hands of a foe. Too often do we play down the value of life in our minds when we think or speak of war. However righteous the cause the stakes are always high. Even in victory, the reality of loss will strike hardest those who have been so nieve to think, to believe, that war is without the pain of fallen comrades in arms.

During the third Bluthatz into the Hohld, Ronja Damotil, daughter of Boromil Damotil, paid for her service with the ultimate sacrifice, her life. Ronja was not a warrior but a seeker of knowledge and a scribe. In life, she served her people as Chancellor of Knowledge of the Märkischer Bund and was the scribe for Lucan Vilkai, the leader of the Freedom Banner last year, who accompanied him to meetings with the Banner Council (Bannerrat.) She was also a good friend Xykara Jamen AlDuara Alfannan and her family, they called her little sister...

Ronja followed her friend Xykara, a fire dancer of the Artist's Guild (Künstlergilde) south into the Hohld and fell in battle within the first couple of days of the Hatz and her life was celebrated shortly after.

In the center of the village, previously owned by the Undead Flesh, a funeral pyre was erected. Ronja's body was bound in cloth and rope and placed upon it. Clans of the Blutpakt, the East Blackwood Embassy and Ronja's Artist's Guild friends attended the funeral. Kind words of friendship, family, love, and respect were spoken by various members of the gathered war band. Representative Djako Kaevh of the East Blackwood Embassy as well as Ambassador Dagger of the same both spoke and gave offering to the life and passing of one of Mythodea's fallen heroes.

Ronja will be remembered

Ronja will be honored

And blood will run in Ronja's name!

- Dagger of Blackwood

Photo by Marco Winter