The Realms / Tournaments of Creathorne 25 - Recap by Sayeh


Tournaments of Creathorne

The 25th Anniversary

By Sayeh

After many days of travel, I arrived finally in the lands of Creathorne. With letters in hand from Ambassador Dagger, my first task upon arriving was setting up my simple little camp and doing as one would when you first arrive, say hello to friends and then usually get handed something to drink or something to sip because "you have to try this".

My mission for the Ambassador was not the only thing on my mind, we also faced a great threat. The Yellow King had returned after taking my brother of the seas, Jack, last summer, and his madness and insanity plagued many, even some of the members in the Kingdom of Blackwood. A cult was forming and banding together, and for my first night, I was without my brother's Tuilli and Axel. Celestial Beings came to aid us, and a few went through trials to become celestial warriors and champions, but before we could complete those first few tasks we were banished from the celestial realm and returned to Creathrone. Some who had joined the cult of the Yellow King spoke the name of the God of Madness and the attempt to return him, but we would not utter his name to give him more power. However, some of what happened that evening is a bit hazy since His Majesty was in a mood for revelry and asked me to drink with him, his closest court and friends. Who can refuse the King when he asks you to drink with him?

Come the morning, with no connection to the stars in the daytime, I began my work of talking to His Majesty, King Kerrell, about the plans for the embassy in East Blackwood, I produced letters written for him. His Majesty regretted to inform me that Vesper, whom Dagger had written a letter of recommendation, forfeit his challenge to become Lord of Alonis, thus making his recommendation invalid and void. Yet, His Majesty also took the time to discuss the matters on hand for funds for the embassy, and the request for gold, silver, and copper - and copper is an odd thing to request for because copper has no value in the Realms, except for maybe pots? Do they do a lot of cooking in Mythodea?

Discussions of lumber and other items of trade were also talked about amongst the lords, at least as many as I could talk to while tournaments were happening throughout the course of the day. Most of these items will be used to produce and build the port on Blackwood's claim of the Dark Isle. Soon, we will have a much larger port to protect and ships to build to make the long journey across the sea and through the fog. I kept in mind that I would say more at the Court of Blackwood, the next evening.

Nightfall came, and with it, so did Axel and Tuilli, and I told my brothers that the Yellow King had returned. Returning to the celestial realm, I did my best to spare Axel from the madness, as we tried to keep up with what was happening around us. Battles around us got even more intense as our path narrowed. I finally, with the help from Tuilli made a call for a divine force in intervene, calling upon my god to help us make this final push to the end and "blow the hull of this enemy ship open". I reminded him that The Yellow King took Jack's life, only of his followers, and now it was time to pay for what he had done. A divine gift a sanity was given to push back out enemies, and we pushed to the end to complete the final assault. Again, we found ourselves thrown into time and space, and landed back in Creathorne.

We once again enjoyed the evening and enjoyed a night of song and drink.

It was time for the largest competition in the tournaments, we call it the War Tournament, where nations fight other nations to test their strength. I did my best to push our warriors forward, and we took second place against the nation of Invictus and their compatriots. Two of our soldiers were injured in the battles against other nations, each twisting their ankles, but they later recovered.

In a meeting with Sir Shean, Lord of Creathorne and Head of the Realms Embassy, I discussed the items needed to support our presence in Mythodea. Discussion took place to secure items of gold, silver, and copper.

After awards were given I was called to court around the bonfire, and here His Majesty called me forward. He recognized me for the efforts I have put forth in my first year with the kingdom, and thus was given my full citizenship into the kingdom.

There were others recognized and elevated as well for their services to the crown, and in the matter of competition to become the next Lord of Alonis, Sir Aiden and Nova were awarded Stars of Honor, Sir Seeker was made a Stewart of Eroewan to protect and govern His Majesty's province, and Sir Torolf was named the victor and thus Lord of Alonis. Lords Nos of Heminshire and Lord Tao of Clontarf were elevated to the title of Duke. Lastly, for his services and for his steadfast loyalty and true show of leadership, Lord Sir Seagan of Acton was crowned the Prince of Blackwood and His Majesty's heir.

I was then called to court again, this time to speak on Ambassador Dagger's behalf. I asked the people of Blackwood for their aid to raise gold and silver in the coming weeks to aid in the building of our Mythodean embassy, I also asked many of them to send men or even think of one day making the journey themselves to come and help. Anthem and Earn were also recognized for their contributions and aid to the embassy, and that they should be welcomed into our family just as I had been that night as well. All this said, I gave His Majesty a seal, and explained that there are only two of these in existence. His Majesty explained that the seal would be used to conduct Blackwood business and that Dagger had one to conduct official business on the king's behalf. In the future, the Lords of Blackwood would eventually get their own seals made for each of their provinces and nations.

Finally, at the end of the night, Lord Sir Sean, His Majesty King Kerrell, and His Highness Prince Seagan, Lord Sir Mathias, and I were called into a meeting. The requests and the embassy were discussed further, and all was agreed that the refined gold, silver, and copper bars would be made to ship over to Mythodea to be made available as coin.

With this, I was informed that the request for me to go to Mythodea as requested by the Ambassador and to deliver the items, was granted. I leave the only home I have ever known to sail across an unknown sea and into a phenomenon known to me as "The Fog".

As I travel home now to Sapphire Isle to prepare myself to sail east, I think of my brothers, of my sisters, and of the kingdom, I am to leave behind. Tuilli tells me I must do whatever I can to return home by summers end and to not be lost at sea. I have not had a chance to tell Axel yet... and can't imagine as of yet what that will be.

My heart is full of fear, sadness, and excitement. I'm scared of some of the things I will see and if I will make it through the fog into this new world. I'm sad because I will be thinking of my brother's at home wondering if they're alright if they wish I was there. Yet, my excitement seems to build again at the thought of seeing Dagger again after so much time has passed. Months and months of letters and speaking for him in court has all come down to this journey, and now I have the chance to see him again and to stand at his side as I now speak for my kingdom and my homeland.