Das Gasthaus am Grenzstein / Fortress of Diversity

After hearing about the Leuenmark long enough, Ambassador Dagger decided to take a short excursion there after Margrave Balor and his company were safely returned to port in Mythodea.  The short trip was intended as a short look into the culture of the people living and visiting there.  Although it was a new place for Blackwood, some failure faces were seen.  Most important of those faces was Kaela, the commander of the Fortress of Diversity and the Discoverers' Banner. 

Cae of the O'Annid was also a guest at Guesthouse am Grenzstein which was not expected but also not surprising.  The Celt is well traveled.  The first person Ambassador Dagger noticed when he entered the tavern portion of the inn was Cae sitting proudly in the center of a grouping of tables at the back of the room.  Representative Djako and Embassy Guard Bodwar were also sitting near Cae.  After pleasantries were exchanged, Ambassador Dagger sat down with Djako to speak with a few of the travelers who had also chosen to stay that night at the guesthouse. 

The Ambassador, most importantly, noticed a familiar face when he arrived, Kaela of the Fortress of Diversity.  She, however, became quickly tied up in a meeting discussing what recently transpired with Atteron.  Dagger wanted to speak with her, at first about diplomatic things but; as the night wore on, so did Kaela's meeting and so did the Ambassador's drinking. 

Eventually, Ambassador Dagger and Representative Djako sat down once more with Cae to talk. Cae asked why Dagger had not yet met with Kaela to which he replied that she was far to important to bother herself with the likes of Dagger at that time and had been in meetings much of the night.  What Dagger did not know is that she had been standing right behind him as he said that.

Dagger was rather surprised to the chagrin of Djako.  However, Kaela sat down to speak with the Ambassador anyway.  Cae did not help matters much as he decided that then was the prefect time to discuss an incident that happened in the Hohld a couple of years back involving one of his clan sisters, an Ulu Mulu woman and Dagger's coin purse.  The Ambassador did his best to drunkenly correct the story. 

In the end, there was talk about the Embassy Guard's work for the Discoverer's Banner which had played a major role in the success of an important battle during last year's Summer Campaign.