The Realm of Roses:  Zweiwasser


After the Schwur Festival of the West, Dagger headed North East with Don Anthem to the Realm of Roses where he hoped to procure Baron Balor the Red of Zweiwasser's help in convincing the Archon of Thornes and the Nyame of Roses to allow Blackwood to set up an Embassy in their capital. Upon arrival in Zweiwasser, Dagger was brought before the baron to discuss a road-building project of the Crown. Dagger agreed to the project on the pretense that payment would be made in the form a building for the Embassy. Baron Balor allowed for a Deputation and not an Embassy as he felt that an Embassy should be in the capital and not a prudential one. Balor also agreed to speak on Dagger's behalf to the Crown regarding the Embassy.

Deputation of Blackwood now Located in Zweiwasser