Black Pier / Pier and The Salty Stick


Black Pier

Marik Fulgrimso of the Embassy Guard has overseen the renovation of the Black Pier optimizing it for more riverboats.  The renovations have been completed allowing Marik to focus the East Blackwood Company's efforts on completing The Salty Stick tavern. 

The Salty Stick

Marik recently completed the renovation of the Black Pier allowing him to focus East Blackwood Company resources on the construction of The Salty Stick Tavern and the accompanying buildings.  The tavern is expected to be completed in early spring with the official "First Night" taking place before the spring campaign in Mythodea.  Fia will be there for the dedication and we hope the Kutchergilde as well. 

Reception Wine List

This past summer the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy celebrated the opening of the Embassy at Grian Quihenya in the Western Seal.  The Embassy hosted some 40 guests and provided them with light food, sweets, The Ambassador newspaper, and wine.  Lots of wine.  That same wine card will be offered at The Salty Stick.

Kutcher Stammtisch 

The Kutchergilde helped finance the renovation of the Black Pier and the Construction of The Salty Stick tavern.  As such, the Kutcher will have their own reserved area within The Salty Stick where they will be served as honored guests.