Bicolline / Winter RCY 1020


Much has happened within the lands of Bicolline this winter, especially within the Empire.  The long war with Haldorf appears to becoming to an end, rebels were put down and order was restored within an imperial province.  The details of those stories has been reported by Gilbert, Lord of Reikwald, Grand Treasurer of the Empire bellow:

Province of Haldorf

Winter Realms Common Year 1020

It will be almost two years since the first Imperial troops crossed the border between the mother homeland and the seditious province of Haldorf.
The province, which contained several well-developed fields, kept by hundreds of soldiers, militias and knights, both in garrison and well-organized regiments, is now on its knees, pushing what will be remembered as its last breath.

A summery of the later days of the War with Haldorf.

  1. Phala, once a village, now a region without buildings, is under occupation by the company of the Houspilleurs (Dalabheim)
  2. Ghaior, a region, under occupation by the Eternal Ghoria banner of Lord Robert (Gorghor Baey)
  3. Leh is under occupation by the of Battalion (High Guard)
  4. Ladakh, an estate, property of Vigneault du Nephilim, a citizen of the Berkwald who has recognized Emperor Karl I as the legitimate Monarch.
  5. Yoroo, a camp, is under occupation by Jyvalgan Coeur-de-Mithril (Brotherhood of the Mjolnir)
  6. Urt, an estate, property of Rashface Klatgueul, orca of the territories of oblivion, has bent the knee before Emperor Karl I, accepting him as the legitimate Monarch of the the region.
  7. Uldz, under occupation by the Lord Robert's Rapines Company (Gorghor Baey)
  8. Ondoraan, the only area still having fortifications, property of Ramiel de Portelance, to whom an ultimatum will be issued at the Purple Bal, otherwise a siege will be started without further notice or delay.
  9. Zangbo, under occupation by the Orphans of ghoon (Hellequin)
  10. Brahma, former capital of Haldorf, passed from City to Bourgade, now in ruin, under occupation by the Bold of Duke play Cairagh (Vand' Hal)
  11. Zang, once a village, now empty land, under occupation by the royal Usher Philibert the Entertainer.
  12. Tsanupe, once a village, now empty land, under occupation by the royal Usher Philibert the Entertainer.
  13. Patura, occupied by the Imperial Guard IX of Liliana von Shlaffenmark (Imperial Cash).
  14. Nuur, under occupation by the royal Usher Philibert the Entertainer.
  15. Selenge, under occupation by Duke Igor Disgratiov, having been promised ownership of the estate as a retirement bonus (Reiksreitters).
  16. Eud, Bourgade, in ruin and without garrison, property of Sire Lambert of Bordeleau, of the Ost of Saint-Reliquary, voluntarily left without occupation, by the sole grace of his Sérérénissime Highness Karl I.
  17. Dzanim, Hamlet, owning a paddock, under occupation by the banner of the hot kopains (Hellequin)
  18. Crop, Hamlet, property of Mancel called "Le Gros", an royal citizen currently being held captive by the Emperor for the purpose of investigation.
  19. Kormantin, camp, without construction, property of Claus Greif de Gaia, a Andorian citizen, having recognized Emperor Karl I, as the legitimate Monarch of the the region.
  20. Assinie, property of Ludwig von Shlaffenmark, first cousin of the emperor (von Shlaffenmark)
  21. Axime, camp with a palisade and militia, property of Pierre le Entertainer (Imperial Cash)
  22. Do, under occupation by the XIII of Corporal Trouffignon (Reiskwart)

Haut-Roy Hubert d ' Haldorf is in exile, having lost the confidence of the federation Arganaise after demonstrating his inability to admit to being defeated, causing his people to suffer.
Lord traitor, Sir Auguste D ' Haldorf has just abdicated, causing elections to take place at the Purple Bal, in the hustle and bustle.

Let it be said with great respect that no matter who will be elected next March, as lord of the province, if he is not an emperor, he simply will not have the right needed to rule.
He will be instead forever known as the last "not" lord of the province.

Long live the emperor! Long live the free Haldorf!

Reported by Gilbert, Lord of Reikwald, Grand Treasurer of the Empire

Province of Ekengrad

Winter Realms Common Year 1020

A few months ago, the emperor was informed by border scouts that fugitives had settled in the area of Trévoux the Haut, where they were trying to stir up a revolt in the very heart of the Empire.  According to Imperial information, they had settled for some time. They had to act quickly, force and touch because otherwise the fugatives would try to kill imperials, which the Empire wanted to avoid by choosing a widespread military repression. The Empire does not miss any widow or orphans in this time of war.

Close to these felons and therefore at a distance from action were these banners:
· The Kolons of Ekengrad (Igor Disgratiov);
· The keepers of secrets (Hubert the Entertainer)

Later this past winter, these banners were ordered to head to the rebel camp to serve the emperor's justice.  It was out of the question that the mother country would tolerate the presence of seditious rebels.  A choice would be given to them, to bend the knee and allegiance to the emperor or they would be executed without delay in order to deliver a clear message to everyone.

Victory was not smoothly gained however.  The remains of those who refused the will of the Emperor were on display for 13 days, then their dismembered bodies were sent to the four corners of the Empire to remind the royal citizens that the Empire tolerates no sedition.
The Emperor wants it, the emperor can, long live the emperor.

Reported by Gilbert, Lord of Reikwald, Grand Treasurer of the Empire

Domaine de Kanem

Winter Realms Common Year 1020

In the fall of the previous year, the estate of Kanem, province of Ekengrad, left for too long to abandon by its owners, was the stage of an never-before seen tragedy.  A band of miscreants decided to take charge of law and order in their lands.  On the order of the Lord of Ekengrad, Reiksmaréchal of the Imperial army, Vasily Krinkov, of the Regiment of the Imperial Guard was urgently sent to the location of the disturbance. 

Commissioned by the Emperor's little niece, Liliana von Shlaffenmark, the Imperial Guard X, First Regiment of the Imperial Guard entirely composed of women, largely inspired by the speech of his serene Highness Karl 1, and the small vitamins distributed by the first High Priestess of the Reikskult, Arha Masky, fell upon the outlaws.  Without offering any resistance, they were destroyed with violence and determination, in silence and total indifference.  The Imperial Guard suffered no losses in the fatal assault.

Let it be known to all that on the 13 day of the second month of 1020 that the Imperial Guard does not take prisoners, that mercenaries without faith or law have no place in the Empire and that only the Imperial Guard has the legitimate authority to rule of law and order.
As for the baroness of Kanem, she is asked to clear her area before the arrival of spring or to give back her title to the Lord of Ekengrad so that he can do whatever is necessary to prevent this type of situation from happening again.

Long live Emperor Karl I

Reported by Gilbert, Lord of Reikwald, Grand Treasurer of the Empire