Bicolline / Rebellion in Ozame


Rebellion in Ozame!!!

In an act of apparent greed and lust for power, various elites in conjunction with the jealous Crown Prince have deposed their sovereign ruler!

The King was accused of murdering Ozamian and Andorian citizens as well as endangering the security of the land and people.  Following numerous "hand picked" testimonies, including those from external guilds, the federal diet of Ozame hastily prepared a vote to depose King Sven. The vote was reportedly manipulated by external factors who tried to influence the results of the unlawful motion. Worse yet, an attempt to change the existing laws in the kingdom was made in order to further influence the deposing of King Sven.

His Majesty, King Sven, made an attempt to halt the unlawful motion by removing those not loyal to Ozame. The Crown Prince Friedrich Drei Van Shliefen was also relieved of his title and position.  With his lands currently under attack, the Prince has lost support for his attempted usurpation of the Crown.

The deposition vote, which claimed to have the will of the people of Ozame, proved to be false with skewed numbers. In truth, it is reported that he assumed 18 to 6 vote was a fabrication.  This led to a false representation of the "will of the people" and ultimately the retaliation of the King and his majesty's supporters.   

Crown Prince Fredrich Drei Von Shliefen attempted to use the laws of the kingdom by bending them to his benefit and announced that his coronation would take place during the Grand Bataille 1024.  This, of course, is unlikely now to happen as the nation rises up around his majesty King Sven to maintain his thrown and their sovereign kingdom.  With the soul of the prince being in the possession of the Clergy of Teratos, any chance of successful rebellion is all but destroyed.