Bicolline / The Quest by Sir Shean


About a month ago the Realms Embassy received this letter calling them to arms:

Les jeux de Longueperche 

Monseigneur, Madam, 

Hereby, I invite you and your guild of explorers to attend a grand event - or should I say the most sublime event! - and which will surely change the course of your existence. For better or for worse, we shall see... Before going any further, let me introduce myself. I have the honor to be Thomas Longueperche, captain of the famous company of La Fouine Pugnace. Our exploits are numerous and would make the most experimented adventurers drool with envy. But our greatest discovery is the following: 

We have recently found a way to enter the Crypte des Mille Piques (Crypt of the Thousand Pikes). This sparks your curiosity, doesn't it? Unless you do not know what this is? In that case, allow me to give you a brief history lesson: Centuries ago, Emperor Notger declared war on Queen Malika of Nasgaroth. This war lasted for centuries, but history remembers one great battle:  

The one where one thousand Imperial Guard pikemen fought tens of thousands of dark elves for days to protect their Emperor. At the end of this event, the butchered remains of the fighters were buried in a crypt. But of what interest is this hole for brilliant explorers like La Fouine Pugnace, will you say? This place does not only contain old rusty spears. What lies at the bottom of this crypt is a mystery to us all! A mystery, so dangerous that the last lord who entered the crypt, a noble of little importance, became crazy. So crazy that he had to take early retirement from his duties - and his life. 

Since that tragic event, the entrance to the crypt is guarded and closed to all. That's why we have decided to look for a way to access it! And this is where, monseigneur, madame, you come in to help. The company of La Fouine Pugnace is offering the chance to a few guilds of explorers to accompany us in this exciting adventure. We, therefore, invite you to the very first - and the only - edition of the Longueperche Games! We will receive you in the domain of des Marchands in Ozame, where under the watchful eye of my company, groups of explorers will face each other in this very interesting- and perhaps slightly violent- competition. Needless to say, only the best guilds will ultimately receive the privilege of discovering the treasures of the Crypte des Mille-Piques... 

Looking forward to seeing you there, 

Best regards. 

Thomas Longueperche 

Captain of the Company de la Fouine Pugnace

The quest had many facets.  The Realms Embassy met people from Company de la Fouine Pugnace that invited them.  They had the Realms Embassy find things to prove themselves, potion parts mainly...  They often told the Realms Embassy they were the best explorers while sitting around as the Embassy went and found the requested items.  

Sir Shean was able to assemble eleven people, not 15. The Realms Embassy do not yet know if they will be able to enter the aforementioned crypt.  During the quest, however, Sir Shean reportedly killed a big monster by himself with a single sword...

A night at the tavern followed the exploration.  The dinner was roast chicken and many side dishes of pasta, salads, and pastry. Sir Shean had a man meet with an occult guild about him and his men starting to learn magic. Sir Shean had a meeting with the Emperor and a large number of Empire diplomats where they discussed commerce and how the Kintzheim coin they Realms Embassy had minted will better the economy of the Empire.  As the representative of the Realms Embassy, Sir Shean also met with the people governing the Sand City for the sultan about how the Embassy would be moving on the nuisances in that area the plan is to remove the four in the area where they are before the winter snows melt in the west.