Bicolline / Dísablót en Berkwald - Soirée taverne


Canada:  A tavern night in Bicolline sponsored by Berkwald and hosted in the Berkwald province of Neffelheim. Sir Shean and other members of the Realms Embassy will be attending.

For several days, the population has gathered every morning to contemplate the dawn. The longest nights of winter test our patience while waiting for the return of long days. If spring never came, it would be that the fimbulvetr, this long three-year winter announcing the end of the known world, knock on our doorstep.

The volvas measure with caution the sunrise while the days are longer. This day is today! No need to ration the food, we will have another year to prepare for the worst...

Tonight we will be back. La Husfreyja will open the doors of the long house and invites you to feast and celebrate until the morning. The snowy roads of the berkwald can be difficult, but our hospitality will warm you up.

Realms Embassy Birthday Celebration

There will be Birthday Cake as the Realms Embassy celebrates the birthdays of many of its guild members and those of Bicolline.


Celebrate around a well-filled mug, with your friends or enemies, and enjoy gourmet treats served free at the Inn throughout the evening!

The host group for january 25th is Nephilim

The host group for february 1st is Nains-Génieurs

The activity starts at 7pm.

It is only possible to register for one of the two activities. Please be careful in selecting your activity.



Pre-registration member rate $21.74 + taxes ($25)

Regular pre-registration rate $26.09 + taxes ($30)

Rate at the member door $26.09 + taxes ($30)

Regular door rate $30.44 + taxes ($35)

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