Bicolline / Spring Tavern Night by Sir Shean


Bicolline tavern night April:  The night was very eventful with lots of things happening for the Realms Embassy.  The City of Sands land deal went through and we were given the land of Ghazi Al-Khya with a palisade on it.  The palisade is currently empty but in the next month or so Realms Embassy hunters will be arriving and setting things up to start exploring that region. There are rumors that there are three nuisances in the area. That is one reason the Realms Embassy has been asked to help the people of the City of the Sands to rid these things from this region.  It is the hope of the Realms Embassy to start hunting these things and have their first monster kills in the region by end of the summer season.

There was a trade agreement concluded for peasants and recourses that we will need to build a library in Kintzheim and it is hopeful that we break ground for that building in the summer months. We also plan on starting clearing some land this summer and putting in fields and a grain mill in Kintzheim in the near future. We are currently discussing land development with another province in the Empire for raising cattle and sheep.

Diplomatic discourse took place between a duchess and the Realms Embassy took place over the subject of possibly training elven fighting men and women to become elven knights.  Those discussions are still very far from finished and much more planning and discussions need to occur in the future.

Sir Shean O'Quinnlin