Bicolline / Renowned Campaign - Vakten vs Ferrata Fidelis


Renowned Campaign Between Vakten and Ferrata Fidelis:  In late fall, a Military campaign on opposing two fronts, Vakten and Ferrata, during various combat scenarios took place. The lands of Bicolline offer several types of terrain, forest, plains, chasm, village, road, etc.. 

According to Sir Sean O'Quinnlin, a Guild Master in Bicolline, "the best way to resolve conflicts is to advance the intrigues of Bicolline to give a good dose of adrenaline to your fighters. Choose your camp well ... any action has repercussions in the lands of Bicolline."    

Having other duties elsewhere, the Realms Embassy was only able to send two soldiers to this campaign to support their good friends Ferrata Fidelis.  Nalydros Deocras of Gaddison, a veteran fighting man of the Riverhawk clan, and a rather new addition to the Realms Embassy, Gilgilad, a fierce fighting woman and one of the Embassy's interrupters.  Embassy troops were able to help Ferrata Fidelis win the day and send the Vakten home with tears in their eyes.