Bicolline / Quies ante tempestatem - campagne spéciale "maritime"


Canada:  Sir Shean, the Head Ambassador, will travel to Bicolline once again to support the interests of the Realms at Quies ante tempestatem. 


The quiet before the storm - Campagne special "maritime"

13 October 2018 from 09:00-18:00

Public · Hosted by Bicolline

1480 Main Road (Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc), G0X 1N0

A combat activity designed for players who wish to participate in a continuous "military campaign" type event with 2 or more fronts. 

The best way to resolve conflicts, advance the intrigues of the game and give a good dose of adrenaline to the fighters. Choose your camp well ... any action has repercussions in the world of Bicolline! 

To register you must: 

- Be 16 years old 

- Be ready to immerse yourself in 8 hours non stop of role play and fight 

- Complete the registration form on our website 

- Choose your front 

- Pay the fees registration 

Registration includes campaign activity, meals (lunch and dinner) and access to the following tavern evening. 

$ 65 member / $ 80 regular 

* The registration fee will be increased by $ 5 for any payment at the door. 

** Registration is non-refundable but remains transferable to another person for the same activity. In this event, the participant must confirm by e-mail the name of his / her substitute before the start of the activity by email at: 


The population records are submitted according to the following criteria: 

- a regular member must to be pre-registered and to have paid before the activity to receive a card 

- a privilege member receives a card as soon as it is present 

- a non-member does not receive a Reminder card for field presences: 

In order for the presence of a participant to be counted in the geopolitical game of Bicolline, the participant must: 

- Have paid his registration 

- Have registered his character at the registries (with the exception of members whose profile is already registered) ground of the hostel during opening hours