Bicolline / Les Trésors des Morts


Canada:  The Realms Embassy will be attending Les Tresors des Morts in Bicolline.

It all takes place on the battlefields of the Grande Bataille that just ended. Some of the fighters were lucky enough to return to their loved ones, others perished.

The battlefields now belong to the explorers, who come to collect whatever is on the bodies as well as the more sumptuous treasures that have not been found or have been lost in the tumult of battle.

Campaigns feature combat activities, military confrontations where warring guilds face off in various combat scenarios. Capturing control points, safe conduct, defending the fort, each game is different and you will have to combine strategy and tactics to win! The stakes are high since these battles have a direct impact on the geopolitical game of Bicolline.

After the rivalries and fractures of war, the Ducasses give way to celebration and camaraderie. Each campaign is followed by an evening in our tavern that brings together the fighters of that day for an evening of festivities!