Bicolline / Le Renouveau d'une Nation - Soire'e Taverne by Sir Shean


A recap from Sir Shean's experiances while attending the corranation and tavern night in Nasgorath.

Sir Shean arrived in Nasgorath for the coronation of the new Queen. The festivities during the night were fun and eventful. I did not have any responsibilities so it was very nice to socialize with friends. Myself , Simon Goodfellow and "the Gun" from the Horse and Hound traveled tougher and met up with about 3 Ragnarok members. Not many in attendance for this gathering from the Empire. The general of Helloquins, the ministry are all here, myself and the small number of Ragnarok. Some regulars from La'mute and Berkwald , and other similar places I run into a lot. 

I did get to talk to Krysto for some time about dancing next month for our party. The Emperor was supposed to show up but he did not come because the Skaven King was there and the Emperor does not like him so he did not come. I was introduced to a Blue woman that comes from beneath the sea "Aude Sunrise." It was an unusual occurrence I have seen her around the Ragnarok gatherings and in town on occasion. I had to Have the Ragnarok alchemist that was with me interrupt because I do not speak her language and she does not speak any common at all. She put in my hand a kind of soft metal that was Silver in color, sort of spikey like when you drop some hot silver on the floor and when it cools and you pick it up how it is splattered and sharp etc. She closed my hand around it and held my hand closed around it for a few minutes then opened my hand it had turned to a liquid... Pretty crazy stuff, it is called "Gallium" have never seen or heard of it, no idea what its function is, or it's worth.. Worth looking into but pretty cool stuff. I have seen some of the "blue men" around but never really deal with them at all... It was a good gathering and a fun night

Sir Shean O'Quinnlin

Lord of Creathorne

Guild Master of the Realms Embassy