Bicolline / Le Bal Pourpre by Sir Shean


Every year the Purple Ball is hosted in a new city.  This year, the City of Sands was host.  As such, the Realms Embassy prepared gifts for both the Sultan of the City of Sands and the newly crowned Queen Ellana d'Azkul of the Federation. 

Members of The Realms Embassy arrived a few days early in the Desert for the Purple Ball.  The Realms Embassy brought gifts for the sultan who was expected to be in attendance.  Here is a list of the items presented:  Honey from the Lands of Creathorne, pink sea salt from the Blood Sea, white chocolate from the Elves of Moonglade Forest, Very dark chocolate from the Dwarves of the mountains of Banthier, Chocolate, salt, and caramel from Kintzheim and two different types of Lembas Bread.

For The New Crown Queen Ellana d'Azkul of the Federation, The Realms Embassy had planned on presenting her with a Crown much lighter than a court crown, so she does not have to wear a heavy crown when out around town and among the common people.  It has not arrived from sea as of yet the Embassy hopes by the time they next see her it will be in their hands to give.

Meetings and the like

Friday evening the Realms Embassy was invited to an evening festivity with Berkwall as they always have a Friday night gathering before the ball and everything looked like this year the Embassy would be able to attend with our arrival times.  However, the conditions of the roads the Embassy taken were not the best so the Embassy's travel was much much slower than expected. This along with other scheduling difficulties made it so the Embassy was not able to attend the Berkwall festivities.

Saturday morning and afternoon were filled with meetings where trade and partnerships were discussed. The Ambassador does not have permission to discuss the content of these meetings.

During the ball, the Realms Embassy were planned to attending meetings from around 6pm to after midnight with small brakes between meetings. After arriving at the Ball, the first meeting with the Kingdom of Andore but it had to be missed due to the arrival time and security for the Sultan actually being at the Ball.

At the Empire Meeting as Sir Shean was being seated he was pulled out of the meeting by the Emperor. The Emperor needed him to go with him, Markus of Ferata, Dutches Dogma of Ragnarok and some others to meet with the Sultan.  At the meeting with the Empire's taxes were discussed, some changes in leadership in some provinces and various other items. By reports afterwards the meeting had to be run by the chancellor because the Emperor was missing from the meeting. The Realms Embassy provided samples of possible rations for the Soldiers of the Empire as their donations to the war Effort that all of the leadership could try during the meeting.

The Meeting with the Sultan, dealings, and hostilities between the City of Sands and the Empire was discussed. The need for help with dealing with Isphet (a lich) in the desert was discussed and aid was asked for and offered. The Realms Embassy was given access to the desert by the Sultan to hunt as soon as land can be secured for them to house their supplies and troops so they can explore and hunt the desert creatures causing issues in that region. It was also a discussion of possibilities of receiving the Sultans sword for hunting the lich after more information is obtained of what logistics are needed for that Hunt. Translation from the sultan was done by a servant of the Sultan for Sir Shean by the Emperor. The Sultan spoke in a language not understood by the emperor, so the translation for him was from the servant, then the emperor translated to Sir Shean what had been said... The Gifts were given to the Sultans nephew as we were seated for the meeting. 

An Exploration house meeting was the next meeting where everyone met with all of the Guilds of the house there was some early discussing in the meeting where one guild left the house and another was possibly another leaving before the ball would be over (and they did need to leave because of their Kingdom requirements). There was a long discussion and rather heated parts of how the house was being run and how some things needed to change. The House leaders explained the misunderstandings and everything seemed to calm down. The meeting was translation by one of the Guild Masters of another guild for Sir Shean of the Realms Embassy.

Ragnarok has their Guild meeting where no one was aloud entry that was not in Ragnarok, the room then opened up to Members of Kintzheim the Province. Sir Shean Represented The Realms Embassy other members were also expected and it was asked where they were but they were not able to arrive to the meeting. There were discussions about building plans for the province, expansion, Lord Thorstein discussed bridges etc.  Sir Shean of the Reams Embassy announced that the Embassy was commissioning a coin smith to start on the first Kintzheim coin a five solar that should be available at the Grand Battle, he also discussed the plans for building a Library in the province.  The Realms Embassy provided the same ration possibilities for Kintzhime soldiers for attendants of the meeting that were provided for the Empire meeting.

The last of meetings in this LONG night of meetings was a discussion with a large number of leaders with the people of the City of Sand where it was discussed the possible ways to deal with the destruction and hazards happening in the desert being caused by Isphet where at this moment she is sending nine legions of undead out from her crypt and she has secured thirteen to sixteen areas in the desert at this time.  Some of her troops have moved into the Terres de Sud where King Rathan is currently having leaders send troops to fight them. No Translation was secured for this meeting a briefing letter is being drafted for the Realms Embassy at this time by the Silver Owls. Sir Shean did receive a fast short briefing from the people of the City of Sands after the meeting.

Finally some of the Festivities!  There was music and revelry of the region a show from some group dancers and some sword dancers also.  Some Wrestling happened and "The red Hot Chilly Pepper " was defeated, Sir Shean did not actually see the fight but by reports it was "a complete ass kicking"...

Sir Simon did finally get to meet up with King Rathan to get his Knight paperwork signed making him a free-knight that had been knighted and released by King Rathan.  Seyah had departed the evening early it was believed that the desert was not agreeing with her.  The Realms Embassy had 17 in attendance along with a few others that were Part of their Party and perhaps part of the Embassy in the future.

- Sir Shean O'Quinnlin Guild Master of The Realms Embassy