Bicolline / LA SOIRÉE - TAVERNE - Mereth Isilnarvinyë by Sir Shean


January 26th 1019 The Realms Embassy hosted a tavern night, "Mereth Isilnarvinyë" to Celebrate the full moon of new fire. Although with the weather, the moon was not visible it was still a great evening. An Announcement had to be made, that we could not allow any not reserved to attend would not be granted admittance due to the capacity of the Tavern. A shop nearby was opened to accommodate the extra people. All of the rooms in the Amberge were booked as were many of the rooms available nearby in close surrounding places with accommodations. The Embassy had 13 members in attendance to great and entertain invited guests for the evening. Swoop, Mel, Olya, Bart, and some others performed music. We had planned on having Krystos dance and do some Fire spinning but it was too cold to do that outside and spinning fire inside a tavern that is overfull would not be wise.

The usual Tavern refreshments and foods were available along with some of the Embassy Cookies, cakes, Bacon and Freedom Cupcakes (cupcakes with blue frosting, maple drizzle, and Bacon). The Bar offered their mixed drinks, ciders and beers I do not believe there were any special occasion drinks available... Some Merchant shops were doing some trades and sales while there. Some dignitaries were discussing undead armies on the move and how they should deal with them very soon, where they are, and how they are already in "Terres du Sud". It is believed that those armies are being controlled by a lich in the desert lands. 

Later in the evening, there were a few Librarians that came through the Tavern selling used books but would only sell to people who had libraries in their lands. They were The Van Eyk Family from Kintzheim.  Sir Shean O'Quinnlin spoke with Eva Van Eyk about the books and how they were being sold, quality of the books and types of books that they had. 

In the Wee hours of the morning, there were a few people doing what appeared to be a knife fight on the main floor near the bar, but many people had left so it was down to 10-20 people. It appeared that no innocent bystanders were harmed by that which was going on. In the Morning the Realms Embassy had breakfast in the Amberge and watched as the weather was quickly changing from snow flurries to about 2 inches of snow in less than an hour when they departed for their homes in the Realms... 

Sir Shean O'Quinnlin 

Guildmaster of the Realms Embassy