Bicolline / LA SOIRÉE DES MONARQUES - TAVERNE Recap by Sir Shean


Destruction of a palisade 

Tsanupe Palisade - Nine hundred- Following a hasty departure from Ozame, some time ago, several good people from Vieux-Chêne had spent the winter on the domain of Sansverchamps in Andore.

Indeed, during the summer season, they had climbed the stronghold of Dacians to help build the first buildings of the Ratatosk guild and form a group of explorers. If frank camaraderie, mutual aid, and cider had been well felt during construction, the sudden and severe arrival of winter had forced all these good people to take refuge in the same cottage just finished. What was to happen happened, the tension and pride gradually increased during the cold season, so much so that the two clan chiefs launched perpetual challenges: 

"I bet that my men will be able to put down yours without even putting on their armor. - "Yeah," well I think that yours will not even be able to defend a hostel against mine ".

These childishnesses had quickly grown too large proportions so that the peasants and artisans of the neighborhood had begun to bet food, alcohol, and chores on which was the strongest. Some noble and friends of both clans had even offered their support to help their favorite. There was even talk of a legendary parchment of "silver wheats" that would be given to the leader who dominated his opponent. 

Obviously, the elite of Centouille would come to support the county of their most beautiful barony in the world, only counterbalanced by that of Geuzeville County Tarascon, also stung in their pride.

The melting of the snows and the return of the milder temperatures had imposed the harsh reality of the words pronounced several months before. It was no longer possible to go back and this is how the two guild leaders found themselves face to face on a battlefield and the people who found it all pretty funny at first, was hiding now as best they could she could not be the victims of an uncontrollable conflict.

September 22nd Realms Embassy took the field with a small contingent of men, Ragnarok also fielded a similarly small number that took to the field. We were assigned to guard some strategic positions during several engagements the Leader of Ragnarok broke various weapons as did a few other of his men. I believe one pike and three poleaxes were lost. Several of the positions became overrun and a tactical retreat was done putting us into the towns. In such close quarters, many of those fighting in the alleyways and cramped streets the combat reverted to knives and daggers being used only. The forces we were fighting with did very well with this fighting and we were able to fight our way back to more open areas but with depleted forces, We believe that the opposing forces did better than us fighting for Ratatosk. 

That evening in the tavern much of what happened at the Grand battle was being discussed some reports came in with some of the destruction the Empire preformed on Haldorf back in August. Apparently what damages they received was quite devastating rumor has it all of their defenses are gone and most of their production facilities are also destroyed, crops burned etc. When I discussed with Emperor Karl what all had happened to the opposing forces, he just smiled ...