Bicolline / Holiday not Resting


In the heavenly archipelago of Soumess the Argannais fleet of the federation made anchor.  Where once a party had been expected, a conflict took its place.  The Federation reportedly had not come for peace but rather war.  The contingent of Imperial troops and allies, such as the Realms Embassy, who had been making enjoying a vacation from plague and war in the archipelago were well into their cups when the Federation fleet arrived.  This led to a violent battle ending in imperial defeat.  One scribes accounts of what happened were found on a beach in Soumess.


This Posthumous text by Manisse Murgol was aquired by "The Ambassador" staff via Sir Shean of Creathorne, Guild Master of the Realms Embassy at Bicolline:

Practical outfit, knotted hair, half full of his favorite alcohol, wearing a leather bag full of all his material; ink, feather, parchment, and a business card on which one could read:  Manisse Murgol, scripting bard, Dailypo camp. In her gloved hand was a draft of what should be a special dispatch of the Dailypo camp now condemned to rot on sunny beaches, as the woman was knocked out by alcohol but, fate decided that a young Argannais infantryman passed through [and picked up] the precious paper floating in the rising tide. Curious, he unfolded it and read it.  [Later that text would find its way into the hands of others and eventually "The Ambassador."]:

′′True to their habits, the Empire and the federation Arganese had not planned such a rocambolic situation! In the heavenly archipelago of Soumess, fighting futile violence is currently taking place, suggesting a revival of human stupidity as soon as the great plague is nothing but a bad memory.  You, readers, are entitled to know what's happening here!  Full contingents of harnessed and ready to feast soldiers are landed in force on a small fine sand beach overlooking a sea in the colors of Azure.  Having come so far aboard an imperial frigate, I cannot hide my surprise from you when I spotted the Argannais fleet of the federation which had already anchored anchor in the archipelago.

Good, I thought, poor naive that I am. My well-deserved vacation was a pleasant one, so many people to party with, I already imagined myself joining the ranks of the knights of dawn, still intoxicated with the party that would be held overnight.  But now the bullies of this dictatorial federation who still dar[ed] to stand up to imperial democracy have come to us, weapons to fist, standards to the wind, to call us back to where we came from.  I quote the exact words used:  ′′Go back to your country if you are not happy.  You don't respect our values, not celebrating with you!′′ What a nerve! On the contrary! It is our values of kindness and openness for all those who think exactly like us who are flouted!

No way of leaving it there.  I'm not a warrior, but I must admit to you, readers, that I felt mustard climbing me to the idea that I should share my little piece of paradise with dictatorial lackeys, which is vast enough for everyone. However, it should be noted that the fighting was nebulous.  Alcohol, mixed with the heat of the islands, made some troops distracted to the point that they could no longer discern friends of enemies. In conclusion, it became clear to me that for these soldiers, the holidays are caught by war!′′

The the federation Arganese soldier folded the paper and looked at the rest of the imperial contingent, beaten and shot down, which was returning to the ships. He sighed at length and decided to send the article to the offices of the Dailypocamp. Freedom of the press is essential, although opinions are often to be wary.  A small altercation over which the two nations have the moral right to impose their visions and customs when the celebration comes had created new friendships.  Taking her way back, her dark look slowly cleared up as the end of the holidays presented itself with a much cheerful finding.

The soldier grommela in his teeth: ′′ In the end, it was really a nice fight.