Bicolline / Helloquins of the Empire vs Montfort of Andore


Helloquins of the Empire versus Montfort of Andore:   There are links, forged in war, that do not break down anymore. The bonds of the soldiers who shed their blood together, whose songs unite to defy the enemy, who advance side by side in the midst of chaos and death. The warriors of the Empire and the fighters of the Andore have forged such links over the years. 

 But the Andore and the Empire fight so often together that it is possible to ask the question: which of the two, after all, is the strongest? If these two nations were to tear each other apart, which standard would float at the end of the fight? The troops of Hellequins and Montfort will try to answer the question once and for all. A full day of military maneuvers involving both guilds and their allies has been decreed! 

From the imperial griffin or the Andorian crown, who is most to fear?  When the sun sets on the battlefield, then the Central Lands will know it.  

Sir Shean, Sir Simon, Sir Tak, Rhoe and Gilgilad from The Realms Embassy attended to support the Empire and the Helloquins. The day began with a battle to see who would be the first to reach the other army's Ballista and destroy it.  After a long battle, the Empire ballista was destroyed by one man who maneuvered past a strategic part of the line and killed took down the crew and the ballista with his poleaxe.  

In Bicolline it is often said that "Whenever there is an early loss the prediction is that the battle will shift to that side that won."  To spite this, the General of the Harlequins rallied the troops to inspire and boost the morale of the Empire where the Empire did not just win the next two engagements but the entire day as well.