Bicolline / Grand Battle of Bicolline

The Realms Embassy continues to serve their general purpose, as an Exploration Guild, of hunting monsters to save the people of Mondus/Bicolline from their blight. As they have been successful in assisting the various peoples of this land, lands and properties have been granted to the Embassy and its representatives. These lands also have to be defended and certain expectations are to be upheld as citizens and landowners.

The various nations of Mondus are often in a state of conflict over disputes of land, ideology and pride. During the summer months those conflicts tend to break out into large maneuvers. During this time both military assistance and assistance in hunting various beasts is often requested of the Realms Embassy by its friends and allies. The Realms Embassy has fielded with the Empire for years now and through them this summer, so did East Blackwood.

East Blackwood Joins the Realms Embassy

After receiving a letter from Sir Sean O'Quinnlin, the Guild Master of the Realms Embassy, Lord Dagger of East Blackwood left command of the North East theater of war in Kahl'Hatra in his squire's command while he voyaged to Mondus/Bicolline to support the Realms Embassy.  Since the founding of the East Blackwood, and Realms, Embassy in Mythodea, Sir Sean  has sent resources and support over the great seas.  Now, Sir Sean wanted more than rooms in buildings.  The firs step was reported to be direct support in the Empire's Wars within Mondus. 

Lord Dagger, a Knight of Blackwood, Lord of East Blackwood and Leader of the East Blackwood Company journeyed west through the Fog, first to the Realms where Mayor SLIM of CrestGrath and a contingent of CrestGrath watch joined them.  After, the company left the Tournament of Queen of Hearts in Rhiassa for Mondus/Bicolline.  Once there, East Blackwood met up with the Realms Embassy at Kintzheim where they prepared for war.

Supporting the Empire at Castel de Lormes

Mondus was plagued by a peasant's revolt. The peasant armies were supported by many noble houses using the revolt for their own nefarious gain. The Realms Embassy stood firmly behind its allies, however, fighting alongside Ragnarok and the Empire who supported the nobility under the banner of the Riding of the Crowned.  This placed East Blackwood in the same position as part of the Embassy line in direct support of Ragnarok.

The first conflict took place at the Castel de Lormes.  This battle was a proving ground of how well East Blackwood could work with the Realms Embassy and Ragnarok.  Combined, the Realms Embassy and Ragnarok took up the center.  They formed an impenetrable, yet inflexible, wall.  The center held throughout the day but the right flank continued to break causing the Crowned lines to collapse each time the Riding of the Crowned held Castel de Lormes.  This resulted in an eventual peasant victory at the Castel.

Revolutionary Inclusive Peasant Union

The Ride Visits Foinville

Tending to their wounds, the Ride of the Crowned advanced toward Foinville.  There, on the High Road, the forces of the Peasant's Union and the Ride of the Crowned clashed. The start of the battle saw Union forces block the Ride's advance on the High Road while another contingent of Union soldiers flanked the Ride's column from the side.  This maneuver stopped the Ride's advance and pushed it back at first.

The Riding of the Crown's forces regrouped and pushed the Union back to a partial clearing where the main fighting took place.  There the Ragnarok/Realms Embassy line held firm.  A successful flanking maneuver led by SLIM of East Blackwood cleared out the forest to the right of the Riding of the Crown's lines but was not enough to secure an overall victory.

Riding of the Crowned.

Grand Battle

A few days later, the forces of the Peasant's Union and those of the Crown met in a massive clash. The two armies first met on an open field where both sides were clearly visible.  It was more than apparent then to any onlooker that the Peasant's Union was not only made up of peasant soldiers but also of noble houses and well financed soldiers such as those from the Wine Maker's Guild.  The Peasant's Union was also not without its fair share of siege engines which fired on the Riding of the Crowned's forces repeatedly.

Reinforcements arrived from the Empire for the Riding of the Crowned nearly evening out the numbers between the Union and the Crowned for the first time since the start of the campaign.  This, however, was not enough to stop the right flank of the Crowned from breaking again and again as had been the story throughout the conflict thus far.  This led to a change in strategy where the Riding of the Crowned's army was split in two.  Part of it remained on the field while the larger portion maneuvered behind enemy lines deep within the nearby forest.  While the battles and damage done within the forest was highly successful on behalf of those supporting the Nobility, it was not enough to claim victory on the day. The Peasant's Union banners waved victoriously in the heavy rain while the Crowned withdrew from the field.