Bicolline / Fall in Kintzhime


Fall in Kintzhime 

Realms Embassy had an Exploration team prepare in Tourg for an exploration mission aboard the warship Le Brûle Eau, captained by Admiral Enoch W. Arenberg,   within the waters of Engelsbourg for a few months. To Dive and recover the sunken ship "The Guilded Lion," the Realms Embassy sailed from Tourg to Engelsbourg and recovered an archer for the team, then sailed back into the bay. 

The approximate area where The Guilded Lion was sunk was reached where blue men from beneath the sea came aboard Le Brûle Eau and discussed the work would need to be done. Their contract with the blue men had well established beforehand.  They plunged while the members of the Realms Embassy's exploration team allowed the rope and nets to unroll the finds made on the ground beneath the waves. 

Because the Golden Lion frigate sank not long ago, the materials were still in good condition. After several days of hard work done by the blue men, the booty is recovered:  Chests of gold, marine resources, equipment, and armaments.  The blue men have made a thorough search of the area and nothing else remained to be recovered in the bay.