Bicolline / Campaign Days and the Purple Ball


ATTN:  Due to the current situation with Covid-19, all Bicolline events/Cons have been postponed until further notice.  As we have more information we will write it here...

Canada:  The Realms Embassy will be attending campaigns, taverns and the Purple Ball throughout the new year.  To this end we have three upcoming events listed here.

Synode 1020 du Duché de Bicolline - OOC/OT

  • This event is full of meetings and classes to assist those interested in the Campaign Play of the game.  This includes the virtual game.

Bal Pourpre 1020

  • The return of spring is marked by a grand masked ball! An activity marked by music, shows, ceremonies and negotiations in a unique environment. This event is the only Bicolline activity outside of Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc and is located at the Espace Shawinigan. The Duché de Bicolline welcomes you to a venue that is transformed into a magical universe for the evening.

Conseil des guildes - soirée taverne

  • Enjoy a pint full to the brim, as you sit with your friends or enemies, and feast on delectable bites served by the innkeeper! These themed evenings are the perfect place to negotiate, swindle, have fun, play and socialize. We welcome you to the Auberge of Bicolline!

Synode 1020 du Duché de Bicolline 20 Mar 2020-21 Mar 2020

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Bal Pourpre 1020 21 Mar 2020-22

Mar 2020 Espace Shawinigan Shawinigan, QC, Canada

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Conseil des guildes - soirée taverne 25 Apr 2020-26 Apr 2020

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