Bicolline / Thorsday


Finally, after so long, people were able to out of their homes and gather in some number.  Ragnorok of the Empire hosted a celebration in Bicoline where Sir Shean of the Realms Embassy was invited to attend.  By about midday, Sir Shean O'Quinnlin, Guildmaster of the Realms Embassy in Bicolline, Lord of Creathorne arrived in Bicolline after being cept away due to plague for so long.  Once there, Sir Shean went to a cabin a friend, Ailsa, loaned him to use in preperation for the festivies to come. Shortly after, Sir Shean set out to meet with Ragnarok, the group in which the Realms Embassy is closest.

There were some afternoon activities but mostly prepping for the Thorsday dinner that would be the following day. The Evening offered a good amount of catching up and Drinking even a Birthday was celebrated. Many of the guests present had not seen eachother for well over a year and a half. The Morning, breakfast was made.  There were pancakes, french toast and, Bacon! More people arrived as the day went on.  As time went by, better smells came out of the kitchen.

Tournament against "The Bear?"

At around three past midday, there was a call for everyone to armor up and get weapons out to fight.  Two Ragnarok warriors want to be the bear.  Sir Shean, not being Ragnorok himself, was asked to fight which was a huge honor for someone who is family but not a Ragnorok himself.  Fenris verses Gabrel of Ragnorock were team captains. There were six fights where the captains got to pick people to fight for them. The Outcome was Fenris 4 wins to 2 for Gabrel. 

Dinner with Ragnorok

Everyone cleaned up and changed into their finner clothing come the evening. Sir Shean even had blue this year so as not to offend any human gods this time... (there were no thunder claps in the distance this time) Dinner was reported to be amazing and all of it cooked over open fire.  It was a great bonding time with lots of good fun. The late evening was filled with music even some dancing when those gethered had some travelers arrived with guitars and dancing girls...  A good time was had by al