Atteron / Siege and Soverignty


A combined force of Mythodeans sailed by ship to Atteron for the Night of Happiness but as they disembarked they were met with the sight of a siege of.  The Mythodean ships traveled from Mythodea for anywhere from 10 days to several weeks through the Fog before arriving.  Once there the siege intensified with the walls of the castle being bombarded by Skargen siege weapons.  Reports from the location claim that the siege at Geisterfels (Ghost Rock) has been underway for just under a month by the time of the Mythodean arrivals.

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Day 1 after the Mythodean Arrival

Three of the Atteronian witches did their best to maintain a magic barrier to protect the castle but their strength was weakening.  The Mythodean host fought the Skargen outside the walls of the castle for a long while before finally Atteron opened the gates.  Once in the gates the collected Atteroni and Mythodeas organized their combined militaries, healers, mages and knowledge seekers. 

It was reported that two of Atteron's four princes had been captured by the Skargen.  Prince Aenwyn of Atteron died in captivity.  Later, Prince Finlay, the twin of Prince Alva, died in a duel against the Skargen.  At this point the Mythodeans agreed collectively to support Atteron against the Skargen.  Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau and Blackwood assisted the Iron Daggers of the Northern Seal in collecting stones of magic from the Keimling (a tree of protection) outside the walls to grant the Attoroni witches the power needed to continue protecting the caslte.  All this was only within the first day of the arrival of the Mythodeans.  In the process two of the Iron Daggers of the Northern Seal were captured.

Day 2 after the Mythodean Arrival

As the prime star rose in the sky, the Atteronian witches gave the Keimling power of which Lady Anna of Rabenau and Blackwood participated.  Kaela, Leader of the Fortress of Diversity, was named Warmaster and Sir Raven of the Iron Daggers her second.  Atteron and its Mythodea allies under Kaela's command fight back and forth battles with the besieging Skargen.  During the fighting, one of the Attoroni princes entered the fray cutting down several Skargen raiders on his own.

 On the second day after the arrival, the Atteroni witches with others from the Mythodean host including Lady Anna von Rabenau and Blackwood perform a grand ritual to protect the castle using the items that were collected on the previous day.

Fae arrived in Atteron brought by a special Mirror. The witches of Atteron made deals with the Fae to gain power.  This power was used to help protect the castle. 

King Garvan of the Undead who had lived in that location before their deaths, wanted a book back that he had written when he had lived there.  The pressence of Terra had perviously forced Garvan and the undead away but now it was possible to return for the book.

                             Kaela of the Feste der Vielfalt

                              Alheyt Lara Maria Gredta und Bridlin Anne Holmes

                             Hexen und Beraterinnen des Prinzen von Atteron

Day 3 after the Mythodean Arrival

On the third day after the Mythodean arrival, the body of Prince Aenwyn of Atteron was found.  To the great sadness of Atteron, a new Crown Prince needed to be named.  This would be Prince Alvar.

The Book of Garvan appeared this day as well after being summoned in a ritual by Atteron and the Mythodeans. The arrival of the brook also brought with it the Undead who caused additional problems to the Atteroni and Mythodeans.  Garvan's arrival caused furher problems as he began to control the Atteroni. 

Shadows began to appear sometime after the arrival of Garvan, spawned by a Death-fae.

Olibria, witch of the In-Between managed to trick the shadow creatures to believe she was in possession of the book, which saved everyone some time to try and find a better place for it. Unfortunately, as the enemies discovered the deception- they punished her by breaking her mental will.

Together with further magic users Lady Anna fought the Shadows off and cleansed the mages who were corrupted by the dark hypnosis.  In the end, however, the Undead managed to get the book- Garvan and his allied anti elemental servants were too strong.

Although the battle seemed won it was not a victory one could easily celebrate.  However, Atteron hosted a maskerade ball anyway.  There were dance courses offered prior to the ball to both prepare the Mythodeans for the event and to allow them to rest and recouperate from the days of battle.  The ball itself was a grand affair with many dancing and even marraige proposals were made.  Rumor has it that Sir Rooster of the Iron Daggers in the Northern Seal asked Kaela of the Fortress of Diversity if she would allow him to marry an Iron Dagger woman by then name of Eleanor.

At the end of the voyage, one could hope only to remind themselves the reasons for living in spite of the deaths that one had whitnessed first hand during the Siege in Atteron.

The "nameless" witch of Chaos, Funke right behind her

Olibria the witch of In-Between